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PostSubject: Strategies   Tue Oct 13, 2009 8:22 pm

A sure fire way to gain experience and climb the levels as quickly as possible is to find a fellow Master willing to fight against you at least three times a day. Both players can start a match against eachother, and that's at least 2 experience right there. As soon as a mod or admin posts the resluts, post another fight. You can easily gain one level per day through this route, especially if you use "Evade" for all four combos (both Masters), the damage done to you and your levelling buddy will be minimal.

During a fight, list all combos as "Wealth". There are a few Key combo lists that have all 4 combos as Wealth, and this could potentially earn you 8 Gold Coins in one fight. You will very rarely see any Key combo lists with no wealth combos, so you are likely to get at least 2 Gold coins per fight using this method.

A few safety measures have been implemented in an effort to keep your Gladiators alive. These methods include the rule that does not allow Gladiators 3 levels your senior to attack you, the probationary period is also a huge help in this department. For instance, if you have 4 HP left and someone with an AP of 7 attacks you, and you have no Gold in which to buy potions, you could do a few different things.
A: Go into battle with 4 HP and die.
B: Wait until your daily 3 Gold Coins are deposited and purchase a small potion that would allow you to survive the match.
C: Don't reply to the attackers message at all, giving him 3 EXP, and putting yourself on probation. Once on probation, no one will be able to attack you, and you will have a week to build yourself back up. (3 coins a day for 7 days = 21 coins... you can do alot with 21 coins).

Since most Masters don't like the idea of their Gladiators falling in battle, you can bet that fighting someone with a low HP will simply lead to their probation or they'll get a potion to heal before you can kill them with your AP alone.

The most sure-fire way to end a Gladiators life in this game is to use your skills. If you have 4 SP, and the ability to Bash, you'll be able to use the Bash skill 4 times which is a total of 4 Damage. If your normal AP is 4, and you are up against someone with 8 HP or less, victory will be yours.

Teamwork and patience...
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