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 1.Basic Training

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PostSubject: 1.Basic Training   Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:06 am

Basic Training

You will receive 3 Gold Coins a day, so long as you have a profile in the Masters Guild.

Welcome to Gladius good citizen! Today is your lucky day! We have a fantastic offer that you're going to L O V E ! There are currently a fine group of Gladiators who are all willing to fight and even die for their Master. I'm giving you 7 gold coins to purchase the Gladiator(s) of your choice! Why am I doing this you ask? For the sport of it all! I'm the owner of this Arena you see, and I need Masters to send their Gladiators into battle here.

If you haven't purchased a Gladiator yet, go to the "Gladiator Quarters" where you'll find the Gladiator Quarters, Market, and many other Masters just like yourself. I will cover each of these locations in more detail when you progress to the next step of training "2.Courtyard - Guide"
Now lets talk about that Gladiator you have (or should have) purchased. Each Gladiator has Stats that determine how powerful, healthy, skillful and experienced they are. Below is an example of a Gladiator Stat.

Mando Valore (1)
HP : 11/11
AP : 5
SP : 1
EXP : 2

And here's a more detailed analysis of the Glatiator Stat.

Gladiators Name (Current Level)
Health Points : 11/11
Attack Points : 5
Skill Points : 1 (Rises by 1 per day)
Experience : Gain same # of experience as opponents current level after a fight.

Please be aware that if your Gladiator is reduced to 0 HP, they WILL die, never to be revived. To avoid death, regularly take them to the "Market" and purchase Health Potions for them, or select all 'Heal' combos (discussed in the Battle Training).
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1.Basic Training
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